Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! We had so much fun this evening! We started off the festivities by going into Chipotle dressed in our Halloween costumes to score a tasty meal at a discounted price :) We were definitely not the only ones who took of advantage of this deal. We saw some super cute costumes while we were there. After dinner we immediately went trick-or-treating, because Avery could not wait any longer! She was so excited to go trick-or-treating and it was so fun seeing her get excited. We had some of our friends join us tonight too and we loved taking our children door to door. When we got back to our house, it was fun to pass out the candy and watch our little ones try to get in the bowl and get more candy for their baskets! I love these moments. Our theme for costumes this year was pirates. Adam and I were the pirates. Avery was our mermaid and Abigail our parrot.  

This was from a few nights ago, but I love their Halloween pajamas, so I had to include it :)

 So cute!!

The best picture we could manage to get of the four of us.
This was taken at the trunk or treat in Fort Worth.


Happy Halloween!


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