Sunday, September 16, 2012
Saturday, September 15, 2012

16 Months

It is crazy how fast our little ones grow up! I remember when Avery was "pink and wrinkled and new." Now she is a toddler that is getting into everything and learning so much every day. I'm trying to take in every moment tantrums and all! One thing about Avery is that she definitely knows how to throw a tantrum, but I find with her that if you pick her up and give her a nice big hug and let her know she is loved then she calms down pretty quickly. A little love goes a long way. She loves to explore... if Adam or I are in the same room that is. If that's the case she will go through everything! I call it semi- independent :) Avery is so outgoing too! It doesn't matter what age the kids are around her she will go up and start playing with them. She's pretty sensitive to others around her, or at least to Adam and me. If either one of us has had a harder day than usual she picks up on it and tries to make us smile. She will be extra cuddly with us and she is usually not very cuddly normally. When Avery does cuddle though it's the best! She cuddles when she is very tired and will snuggle her head into your shoulder. I love it! She has such a sense of humor too! She will start laughing when we are laughing and she has the most infectious laugh! I thought she would end up growing out of it, but thank goodness she hasn't. It's this high pitched continuous giggle and if we are in public and she gets going, people always comment on how funny and cute it is. Adam has also made it his text message ring tone for me :) 

I seriously considered dedicating a whole post to the fact that she is off the bottle now. We introduced her to sippy cups a little before she turned a year old, but she was definitely not ready for them. I wasn't too worried about it till recently when she started using her bottle for security and comfort. She never took a pacifier or I think the whole process might have gone a lot smoother. Also she definitely wasn't very interested in food which had me worried as well. I'm happy to say though that she has been bottle free for almost two weeks and her interest in food has definitely increased and I have absolutely nothing to worry about there! I just love her so much and I know Adam and I are so thankful to have been blessed with our sweet little Avery!

 Just watching t.v.

 for some reason she loves getting in baskets!

 Always ready to go somewhere!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Little Helper

Avery is such a great girl and I love every moment with her! I even love her tantrums... after the fact of course :) She has such a fun personality and is getting to be such a good helper around the house. She helps pick up her toys and she loves helping me in the kitchen when she can. I am always prepared for a mess when she helps with meals, but that's part of the fun right?

Helping me with dinner tonight :)

You would never be able to tell from this picture, but she was actually having a good time. It's a treasure when we capture a smile on camera!