Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fall crafts

If any of you have been to Hobby Lobby lately you have probably seen their beyond cute fall decor. I love it! And it gets me so excited for the Fall season, though it definitely doesn't feel like fall here in Houston. Any way I saw some of these adorable pumpkins there and Adam and I were like wait, we can totally make these for a fraction of the price... so we did! And I kind of love mine better than the ones at the store. I definitely see Adam making more in the very near future. Not only were they fun to make, but they were SUPER easy too. On Adam's part he needed wood and a jigsaw. Boom. Done. and I just needed paint. I also added some super cute sparkly stickers to complete the look of my pumpkins.

At Hobby Lobby there are also some way cute table center pieces. I didn't opt to buy the pre-made ones simply because I didn't want to pay the price. They are kind of pricey even with 40% off. So I made mine :) It was also super simple. Just pick out a basket and pick out some flowers. And you NEVER need to buy anything at full price ever at Hobby Lobby. I also liked the feeling of accomplishment when I make my own things too. Definitely worth it.

Another super easy and inexpensive way to decorate is to add ribbon to different things. And depending on the garland, that is also a great way to bring fall into the home.

Happy Fall!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My 2yr old

I wouldn't call them the terrible two's, although trust me we have our days. I would say they are more like the mischivous two's.  There have been plenty of times though, when Adam will come home and I will do some retail therapy at Target soon after so I can breathe a little. Especially lately. Last week for instance she got into my lipstick... She got it all over the carpet, my bedroom mirror, she pulled the white pillows down and made sure to got the lipstick on them and not to mention all over herself as well. I'm pretty sure this was in response to me putting her in time out. Considering she closed my door and couldn't stop smiling when she called me in. The closed door should have been a dead give away. Also she finds it amusing to get into my "feminine products" which she thinks are boo boo's or band- aids and put them in different spots in the house.
In this instance the TV cabinet.
Along with lipstick and clear lip gloss over my bedroom mirror lotion seems to be her medium of choice in the following picture. All of these items have since found new homes out of her grasp.
Avery likes to paint and color a lot. We have since switched from normal paints and markers to color wonders that don't show up on anything else except the paper used with the color wonder products.
It's not unusual for her to get two or three baths a day... but she likes baths... so I'm thinking these messes might be on purpose. She definitely keeps me busy and on my toes, but I love her so much! It's awesome to see her grow. She has her sweet side too and that makes it all worth it!

3 Months

My girls are growing so fast! I love them so much and Avery is VERY protective over Abigail. If we are going to leave anywhere and Abby is in the car seat, she will stand next to it to make sure we grab her when we go. She gives her kisses and it's so sweet! Abby is just getting into her personality! At three months she is doing well at rolling over and she talks a lot! I love having conversations with her in baby talk. She smiles a bunch and laughs which is adorable. She's a chunk already and I LOVE it! Chunky babies are the best :) She loves to swat at her toys on her play mat and she grabbing her toys pretty well too! I love my little Abby! Three month olds don't do a whole lot, but just getting to squeeze and hold them is the best.
One Month

Two Months

Three Months