Friday, November 8, 2013

My Girls

I love my girls! Lately it's been awesome because they have actually started interacting with each other within the past couple of weeks. It's been a lot of fun to watch too! Avery has been wanting to include Abigail in play time and will specifically ask for me to bring her into their room. She can't do much but Avery has been enjoying her company which is just so sweet. She doesn't like it when Abby cries and will stop whatever she's doing and say "awww bebe!" And will immediately rush to her side. And she absolutely can't wait till Abigail wakes up in the morning. I have to say I noticed a big change when Abby and Avery were bouncing together. There was some real interaction between the two and I think it was just what Avery needed. Before she would just kind of ignore her, but still be super protective.

I'll be doing an update on Abigail soon. She just looks so darn cute in her little doorway jumper! Avery however is growing so fast! Everyday she surprises me with a new word or expression. And she knows exactly what she wants! It's a good thing and a bad thing. She surely doesn't like when I tell her no. It usually results in something like this.

Hahaha I LOVE that second face! Oh man and she loves to give it to me when she doesn't get her way. But she is a sweetie pie. She's a shy girl and I love that she loves to cuddle. She is a good big sister that is getting better at sharing too :) I love my girls!


  1. That 2nd face cracks me up of Avery. I usually get a face like that daily from Sav. haha The joys of twos. They are so cute!