Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fall crafts

If any of you have been to Hobby Lobby lately you have probably seen their beyond cute fall decor. I love it! And it gets me so excited for the Fall season, though it definitely doesn't feel like fall here in Houston. Any way I saw some of these adorable pumpkins there and Adam and I were like wait, we can totally make these for a fraction of the price... so we did! And I kind of love mine better than the ones at the store. I definitely see Adam making more in the very near future. Not only were they fun to make, but they were SUPER easy too. On Adam's part he needed wood and a jigsaw. Boom. Done. and I just needed paint. I also added some super cute sparkly stickers to complete the look of my pumpkins.

At Hobby Lobby there are also some way cute table center pieces. I didn't opt to buy the pre-made ones simply because I didn't want to pay the price. They are kind of pricey even with 40% off. So I made mine :) It was also super simple. Just pick out a basket and pick out some flowers. And you NEVER need to buy anything at full price ever at Hobby Lobby. I also liked the feeling of accomplishment when I make my own things too. Definitely worth it.

Another super easy and inexpensive way to decorate is to add ribbon to different things. And depending on the garland, that is also a great way to bring fall into the home.

Happy Fall!


  1. So SO cute... I love all the decorations. Isn't it so fun to decorate for the holidays... I love it and all the DIY stuff you did is adorable. I So wish we could craft together!!! :)