Monday, July 22, 2013

Abigail's blessing

We went up to Colleyville this weekend for Abigail's blessing on Sunday, but the girls and I went up on Thursday and Adam met up with us on Friday after he got off work. It was a super fun weekend. We spent Friday night at Great Wolf Lodge and had fun at the water park earlier that day and most of the day on Saturday. Avery had a blast and she was anticipating it all week. She would take Adam or me by the finger and lead us to her room where she would lie down on her stomach on the floor and pretend to swim, while saying "swimming"! She liked the kiddie pool, but the wave pool was by far her favorite. She liked to jump the baby waves that would reach the shore. And by jump, I mean she liked when one of the family would lift her up :)
During the weekend Abby was able to meet her great grandmother on Adam's side and meet her cousins for the first time on both sides! The rest of Saturday we spent relaxing at the house. Avery loved to jump on the trampoline and feeding Nana's horses. Though when it came time for her to actually feed the carrots to the horses she would take off and start eating the carrots herself :) She cracks me up!
Sunday was such a nice day. It was so special having so much family there to witness Abigail being blessed. We had a nice lunch afterwards with everyone and it really was the perfect topping to end a fantastic weekend.
By the end of taking pictures everyone was pretty much spent. You can definitely see it on Abigail's face, and the fact that we had to give Avery a chocolate cupcake to get this fantastic picture of her! I love my girls <3

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I'm so happy with the finished product! If you don't want to build one from scratch there are a ton of tutorials on the web on how to upholster a coffee table that you have or buy from a garage sale. It was really easy to cover, just a little time consuming especially if you have children. The tufting I would say is a two person job because if you really want to get the buttons tight it helps if one of you are pushing them in while the other is stapling the thread on the other side. And it made for a great husband and wife project too :)
okay. okay, so we still have to stain the legs, but you can ignore that right now :)
Sunday, July 14, 2013


I have been wanting a new ottoman in the living room for a while now. The coffee table was great but with Avery and now Abigail I was afraid that they would constantly be hurting themselves on the sharp corners. I was looking online for upholstered ottomans but they can be so expensive! So my amazing husband offered to build one! Here's a few pictures of the finished wood product. We just have to finish the tufting on it and it will be finished! I will post pictures soon!
I am so glad I married such a handy man! He did such and amazing job on building this! I don't think he minded though. He was just excited that he got to use the new tools he has been collecting :)

My really late Fourth of july post

I'll keep this post simple like our holiday was :) We celebrated the fourth with just the four of us! It was so nice having Adam home early during the week. He got off early on Wednesday, had Thursday off and got off early on Friday. We hung around the house most of the day and in the afternoon we went to the mall so Avery could ride the merry-go-round (sp?) and Adam grilled us some dinner and we shot off some fireworks. It's so nice just to be with my family. We could have stayed inside all day and I would have liked it just as much! 

I love this picture of Abby and Adam because she is smiling up at him :) He's such a good daddy!