Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Birth Story

We welcomed Abigail Elizabeth on May 23rd! We are so excited to finally have her with us. Let me tell you though, two kids is definitely different than having one! I am way more tired!! I was able to take a nap with Avery when ever she did, but now when Abigail sleeps and Avery is waiting there ready to play :) It's been an adjustment and it's ongoing. Thankfully though family has been here since the beginning to help out! Abigail was born on the 23rd but we actually scheduled an induction for the 30th so she arrived one week early. Still an induction. I woke up on the 22nd with UNBEARABLE itching all over my body. The itching had been going on for about a week and was steadily getting worse especially at night. So there were a lot of nights where I wouldn't go to bed till 5:00a.m. waiting to get so tired that the itching was for the most part in the background. So when I woke up on the 22nd I called my doctor who had recently order some blood work on me earlier that week and confirmed that the itching was due to a liver disease that only manifests during pregnancy called Cholestasis. I would say it's more annoying to the mom and more potentially harmful to the baby. With this knowledge we decided to induce the next day. Adam and I arrived at the hospital at 5:00a.m. and played the waiting game. My progression was REALLY slow, which is odd because Avery was REALLY fast. At full dilation and 95% effacement which was about 5:00p.m. by this point we started to push to see if anymore progress could be made. After a few hours of pushing on and off, Abigail was now at a transverse position and I was EXHAUSTED! At around 8:00p.m. we decided on a C-section. And at that point I was really happy to do anything to get Abigail here! We waited for about 45 minutes for the operating room to be prepped at which time they put me back on my epidural medicine. They had taken me off to see if I could push better previously. So I'm on the operating table almost passed out because I am so tired and they start pinching my legs and asking me if I could feel any of it. I'm so tired I say "no, I'm good" and they believe to have the right dosage of meds in me. I won't go into detail at this point but if you have ever had a Cesarian you are supposed to feel pressure and nothing else. I felt pressure at the beginning and a whole lot more something near the end. They ended up knocking me out with some quick working medication at that point which is why our first picture with Adam, Abby, and I I'm out cold :)  I would say considering my last delivery this one went by REALLY well! I'm so happy for both of our healthy and happy girls!  

The morning of

Adam prepped for delivery 

Our first picture together!

Sweet Avery meeting Abby :)


  1. Holy cow... you have the craziest birth stories. I feel like you have been through so much. You are a trooper and always have such a good attitude. Your girls are adorable! I so wish we could do playdates! miss you!