Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My man

It has been a little hectic around here! It's definitely an adjustment having two kids, but so much fun! I have been stressed though with Abigail not sleeping really well lately. She was doing so well for a little bit, but just recently has been up most of the night which means I am up with her. It can be frustrating to me, especially because I know that I will have to somehow find the energy to keep up with and play with Avery during the day and get things around the house done that I need to. Through all this Adam has been there for me 100%. I try to get up with Abby during the week while he takes the weekends, but he will step in during the night when I need him. I can be stubborn though, but he persists so I can catch up on some sleep. When he gets home, he lets me sleep some more and he has made dinner for us a lot recently. He is such a great daddy and such an amazing husband! I really am so lucky to have him! Plus a little shout out to him since he just got a promotion at work! He no longer has a cubicle but has an office now! Congratulations babe! I love you so much!!

 Looking so professional ;)


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