Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Avery Turns Two!

I can't believe my little Avery has turned two! Time flies by so fast and soon we will have another one and Avery will no longer be "the baby"! I love my little curly top and I wanted today to be a special day, even though it was I'm sure ordinary to her. We spent the morning watching Sesame Street, nothing different about that, but if we don't I'm pretty sure Avery's day would be completely off. I snapped a pic of her watching tv and eating her strawberries, which she LOVES! We pretty much spent the rest of the morning getting ready to see Daddy for lunch at Chipotle, which she also loves. I'm telling you Avery is awesome, I mean come on she loves Chipotle! Lunch was fun, as it always is when we get to see Adam. It was pretty much playing around when we got home and we just waited for Adam to get off work. We didn't plan a huge bash for her birthday this year. We actually thought it was going to be just the three of us till we heard my Dad was in town visiting my grandma and Alex (my brother) happened to be in town as well. So all five of us had a quiet little party for Avery. She loved her gifts and loved eating her cupcakes! I'm pretty sure though her favorite part was popping the bubbles outside and swinging on the swing set. I love my little girl! Happy Birthday Avery!

A little bit about Avery now that she is the big T-W-O. Well she is a COMPLETE daddy's girl! I pretty much don't stand a chance when Adam is in the room :) It melts my heart seeing the two of them together though, so I am completely okay with it. In fact when Adam gets home from work she runs to him and hugs him and showers him with kisses. SO CUTE! They wrestle on the couch and the floor while I cook dinner and I love hearing the two of them together when I am in the kitchen. Avery is so sweet and sensitive. She cuddles her stuffed animals and gives them kisses all the time. Don't worry I get kisses too :) and she loves to hug and just be where everyone else is. This girl is also an excellent sleeper. She wakes up at 7:00 and takes and nap at 12:00 and goes to bed at 7:00 like clock work. It's pretty awesome. She loves bath time, especially the bubbles and bath crayons. Which leads me to think that at the moment her favorite color is green because that's pretty much the only color she has continued using. She loves falling asleep with pretty much all of her stuffed animals in her crib, so it has become part of mine and Adam's night to take pretty much take all of them out when we check on her before we go to bed. She knows a ton of words, but she doesn't always like to use them, especially when it comes to animals. She would definitely just rather make the noise that animal makes. She's an excellent eater and will pretty much eat anything we put in front of her for. And she LOVES spicy food. It's crazy. If we let her she would eat salsa and guacamole by the spoon full. She loves getting her nails painted by me and when I get ready she mimics me a lot of the time. A total girly girl. She loves her jewelry and she loves her shoes. I love her so much! I am so blessed to be her mother!

 Elmo Happy Birthday badge :)

Loves bubbles!
uninterested in taking pictures today
I love this picture!

Just trying out her new playhouse :)