Saturday, June 23, 2012


Adam, Avery and I went to Galveston today! It was super fun and free! It's always nice to find something free to do as a family and Galveston is only an hour and a half away from Houston, which is where we live. It takes a little bit more to prepare for even a trip to the beach when you have a little baby, so we started the night before. We packed sandwiches and a fruit salad to eat while on the beach and took a cooler for drinks. Definitely a lot cheaper than having to buy something at a restaurant. We bought a beach umbrella which was a necessity because Avery has such a light skin tone and we didn't feel like melting in the hot sun either :) Avery loved the beach (we went to California last month and went to the beach there. I'll post on that soon)! she loved just standing on the shore while the tide washed in and out and her feet sank slowly into the sand. And she loved it even more when Adam took her a little further out to jump some small waves. She would always clap her hands when the water splashed them! My favorite though, was when she would just sit on the shore and raise her hands up and squeal when the tide reached her and washed over her legs! We will definitely be making a return trip. We had so much fun!

Raising her hands while the shore reached her!

She gobbled that fruit right up!


  1. OH my gosh! what a little nugget! She is SO CUTE!!