Friday, July 27, 2012

Splash pad!

The heat in Texas has been brutal all summer which is to be expected really. Luckily we have a few things around here to keep Avery cooled down while having fun. On Fridays I go to a play group with some women from my ward and we meet at the Woodlands splash pad. Avery was a little timid at first, but she has since fallen in love with going there and running around. She loves waiting for the water to splash her in the face and even runs right along to try and play with the older kids. She has no fear! She loves it so much it's not uncommon for Adam and me to take her there on Saturday mornings now! And it works for both of us because I can always count on her take a nice long nap afterwards!

This picture cracks me up! Sometimes the water is too fast!

Such a big smile!

What a cutie pie!

I had to add this picture! This is Avery lounging with her Daddy on the Fourth of July. She means serious business when it comes to her relaxing apparently!


  1. So cute. She is adorable. Savannah loves the splash pad too. We go at least once a week! I hope everything is going well... we miss you guys!