Thursday, May 17, 2012

Just another day

It can be very difficult trying to keep a one year old occupied in an apartment! I try to keep it interesting for her from the minute she wakes up to when she goes to sleep. A normal day for us is waking up at 7:00 and playing together with her toys in her room for the better half of the morning. After a while a little change in scenery somehow makes the toys interesting again, so we move to the living room with the same toys and play with them some more! She cracks me up! We have breakfast together and usually by 9:00 she is ready for a nap. By 10:00 or 10:30 we bring out some more toys including her walker, which she is pretty much a pro at! Adam and I are so excited because she stands by herself all the time, and you can tell the wheels in her head are turning to figure out how to start walking. I can usually continue getting my chores done for the day while she follows me around. By lunch time I take Avery out in the wagon so she can have some outside time and we check the mail together, something I remember doing with my mom when I was younger :) Shout out to Theresa my mother in law for the wagon, because she found this awesome one that folds up and is perfect for apartment living! I don't know how I would bring the groceries upstairs with Avery if it wasn't for that wagon! On nice sunny days Avery and I can go to the pool for some swimming! She loves the water! She is always tuckered out after the pool too, so it's always nap time after a nice swim. For the rest of the day it's more fun and games with my little girl and by 4:30 Adam is home and I LOVE seeing Avery get so excited when she hears Adam unlocking the door. She loves her Daddy so much! We try to keep ourselves busy and time usually goes by so fast! I love all my time with Avery. She is such a blessing!


   Avery trying to put on my sunglasses! So cute!


She loves digging through all the grocery bags on our way up to our apartment.

I love our walks!


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