Saturday, May 4, 2013

Fishies and snow cones

Yet another Saturday under our belt. We went to the Aquarium today! We were supposed to go last weekend, but you really have to pick and choose good traffic days in Houston. Last weekend was rainy and the highways were packed. Today was perfect though! Anyway, Avery LOVES "ishies" and it's so fun watching her get so excited to see them and point and stare. This age really is fun! She is into so much and it's so great to watch her grow :) We had her in the stroller in the beginning, but that didn't last long, so we put her in her monkey leash... I didn't think I would ever be one of the parents to put their kids on a leash, but man! Some kids stay with their parents and then there is Avery who can get SO excited she wants to be everywhere at once and next thing you know she's gone. The leash was a good investment (I hate the word leash bleh!) and an added bonus is that she loves it. She even likes to where it around the house. After we were done in the aquarium we of course walk outside and what do you know, a splash pad. I feel like these things are everywhere here. It's not a bad thing especially in the Texas Summer, but we didn't have a change of clothes for Avery. She saw it though...and it was hot outside... so we took her undershirt off and let her go at it. The majority of my posts during the Summer will probably contain her in some type of water environment. She LOVES the water. So home we went, got her changed and then it was snow cone time. Per my request. What can I say, I'm pregnant :) plus they are just SO good! Happy Saturday!


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