Thursday, April 12, 2012


Things are finally starting to come together in the new apartment and so far Houston has proved to be not so bad. It's not DFW, but it's not bad :) Thing is living in the Woodlands, you have to know where you are going because everything is covered by trees, so needless to say, I am getting pretty good at making u-turns. And our ward here is pretty small, but on the up-side there are some younger couples with small children, so making friends should be easy! So this Easter was our first Easter on our own and we had a great day! Avery was a little small for Easter egg hunting so we just gave her a basket this year, although I must say I gave birth to her last Easter so it was going to be pretty hard topping that gift. :) The gifts were just practical ones with a little stuffed bunny for her to play with, not that it mattered what she got because she just loved playing with the Easter grass! These were my favorite pictures of the occasion.

                                  I love her smiles!

                                                      Such interesting grass!


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