Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I'm so happy with the finished product! If you don't want to build one from scratch there are a ton of tutorials on the web on how to upholster a coffee table that you have or buy from a garage sale. It was really easy to cover, just a little time consuming especially if you have children. The tufting I would say is a two person job because if you really want to get the buttons tight it helps if one of you are pushing them in while the other is stapling the thread on the other side. And it made for a great husband and wife project too :)
okay. okay, so we still have to stain the legs, but you can ignore that right now :)


  1. That is AMAZING! I am so impressed... you are inspiring me. haha I vote you put pics up of your home. It looks so beautiful and I want to see it! :)